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In other words, "if the essential features of the trade mark of the plaintiff has been adopted by the defendant, the fact that the get up, packing and other writing or marks on the goods or on the packets, in which he offers his goods for sale show marked difference, or indicate clearly a trade origin different from that of the registered proprietor of the mark", then such differences though immaterial in an infringement action, would be material in a passing off action.

The trade name and the devices are used on cop bands of the plaintiff No. Gurcharan Singh and Brothers. It was frankly conceded by the learned counsel for the plaintiff that the marks used by the respondents are certainly not identical with either of the two registered trade-marks of the plaintiff.


The buttons are practically worthless but are nevertheless an important part of our button history. He further made it clear that the practice of the Trade-Marks Registry was to hold yarns and threads as goods of different description. The said application of the defendants was stated by the witness to have been originally filed in respect of yarns and threads of all kinds but subsequently on August 26,permission had been sought to amend the description of the goods to sewing threads in balls and tubes, and the request was granted.

Though it is stated in the application that the order of the Trade-Marks Registry sought to be produced decides the rights of the parties with respect to the trade-marks adopted by the defendant-respondents, it has been frankly conceded before us at the hearing of the appeal and the application that the said order does not in any manner affect the decision of this appeal on merits.

Backmark changes as follows: They were published in the U. This was presumably considered to be unnecessary in view of the finding on issue No. He is currently involved in a research project that explores the problems in the quality of textile products exported to India and the Far East from Britain in the late nineteenth century.

Thomas Glen-Coats

Brij Gopal Kapur P. AIR Pc 11 Viscount Dunedin after staling that 'a person of such literacy as to have critical powers of observation would not be confused with the defendant's trade mark' proceeds to observe that the trade mark 'would be apt to be confused by the illiterate.

This makes personalisation economic for relatively small numbers. Circumstances changed after the appeal was filed. According to this witness, the defendants supplied their said thread under such wrappers to the persons who came and asked for "Hathi Marka" thread.

The bottom line of this central rectangle touches the pads under the pillars. That being so, it was held by the Madras High Court in the passing off action that on the meagre material placed on record by the plaintiffs, they had failed to prove that the Defendants' goods could be passed off as the goods of the plaintiff.

The space on the right side of the rectangle is left blank. For the purpose of this case we would like to point out the distinction between "passing-off" actions, and "infringement" actions.

Rysta Rpc 65 at 84 the Court said that the said test was to be applied in regard to a person who was familiar with both words and see whether he would be confused or deceived.

In case of its not running, it will be taken back without any objection and we will be obliged for such a complaint being made to us.S. N. Kumar, J. This is an application made in the suit filed on an alleged infringement of trade marks and passing off. Plaintiff No.


1 as an English Company having two separate registered trade marks, one for the word "CHAIN" in respect of threads of all kinds and the second for the device of a chain in respect of all kinds of threads. Coats Patons was itself the result of a merger between J & P Coats Ltd.

and Patons & Baldwins Ltd. J & P Coats had its origins in. Paisley, near Glasgow, commencing thread manufacture in The business was especially successful in the North American market, and its growth culminated in a highly successful public offering in J and P Coats Ltd.

Ferguslie Mills Thread Works, Paisley. Oblique aerial photograph taken facing south. J. and P. Coats acquired control of the businesses of Clark and Co (of Paisley), Jonas Brook and Brothers and James Chadwick and Brother.

Site is acres and they employ 5, persons J. and P. Coats and the Clark Thread Co merged to become Coats. Coats is the leader in thread products for crafting, sewing, & quilting.

DANFIELD with trademark number was lodged on 18/04/ and has a status of Lapsed/Not Protected. The applicant/owner of the trademark is registered as J. & P. Coats, Limited.

Button Makers Backmarks

They used the trademark attorney firm WATERMARK PATENT AND TRADE MARKS ATTORNEYS to file this trademark. Australian.

Was j and p coats ltd
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