Journal entry for civil war

A field diary kept by Pvt. Dear journal,march I am a union soldier for Journal entry for civil war. Thomas Benton Alexander was a native of Henry County, Tennessee, and was working as a farm laborer in Maury County when, in Octoberhe was mustered in to Confederate service.

Civil War Journal Entry

Also included in the volume are 26 pages of non-narrative material, including accounts, song lyrics, and a copy of a tombstone inscription.

The text is a first-person narrative, in diary form, of the final 20 months of Teasdale's military service 16 September to 24 May I have mastered it and I can fight in battle now.

Notable, too, are several long entries from early Junedescribing the reburial of a "patriot cousin" in the family graveyard, and a ceremonial procession in Winchester honoring the Confederate dead.

Burnett died of cholera in a field hospital near Vicksburg on June 19, Even as Murphy was leaving his home in Woodstock, Shenandoah County, to rejoin the army after winter furlough, Early was routed at the battle of Waynesboro and effectively eliminated as a fighting force 2 March Charity was well enough to wait in the dining-room, mammy and Emily did the cooking, but Mett and I had the other work to do, besides looking after all the company.

C, 87th Indiana Infantry. While Langfitt occasionally adds editorial commentary, most of the entries appear to have been copied more or less as written. Arthur's entries describe three distinct expeditions or campaigns, the most important of which culminated in the battle of Prairie Grove, Arkansas 7 December Bullets and swords were planted in their bodies.

These pages contain many letters and newspaper articles not used in the individual pages.

Civil War Journal Entry

C, 87th Indiana Infantry. Careful reading of these documents allows us to understand better how these men from a new state west of the Mississippi got along with each other.

Students can determine if these soldiers were ready for the task that confronted them and how they responded. DuShane's field service was mostly in South Carolina and Virginia. The third and most important section contains regular and often extended entries running from 1 March to 11 October I fought for my future… My eyes did not catch enough light; darkness took over the lights began to dim in the perspective of my eyes and fell over… My eyes awoken and began to meticulously restore back my energy, but still found myself weak.

An initial section 14 November to 10 February contains diary entries that, by subsequent standards, are short and sporadic. Also included in the volume are 26 pages of non-narrative material, including accounts, song lyrics, and a copy of a tombstone inscription.

How responsible should the national government be for the political well-being of the South carefully consider what is at stake here?

I had not joined the army for the wages, but for freedom. The diary includes a substantial entries on the third battle of Winchester and subsequent actions, before ending with the entry for 7 October This experience has truly taught me that life is short; death is on horizon.

The clothes that I wore, when I was in the south, were very comfortable and itchy. This war is justified. The site was adjacent to the Smithsonian Institution grounds and a few blocks west of the Capitol, where the National Air and Space Museum now stands.A Civil War Journal.

Company K, Some of the letters and diary entries written and documents that appeared in the days after the battle disclose events on the Winona home front that offer students an opportunity to study the relationship between those who remained in Winona and the soldiers of Company K.

The 1st Minnesota was one of the. Mar 05,  · If you are writing as a northern (Union) soldier, submit your journal entry to the comments section for this post.

Civil War Journal Entries

Read real journals: Elisha Hunt, 2nd Rhode Island Volunteers The civil war was an act of cruelty, but this was worth the sacrifice, the sacrifice for freedom. This experience also gave me knowledge and a sense of who. Among the more significant entries are a list of men killed in the Maury Artillery, December to July ; a "song ballad," dated 30 August"wrote by T.

B. Alexander" ; and, most notably, a table (of uncertain origin) indicating the individual Confederate regiments at Fort Donelson, with numbers of troops engaged, killed, and wounded. Garold L. Cole, Civil War Eyewitnesses: An Annotated Bibliography of Books and Articles,vol.

2 (Columbia: University of South Carolina Press, ).

Kate Cumming, Kate: The Journal of a Confederate Nurse, ed. Richard Barksdale Harwell (Baton. Example Journal Entry *Below you will find a sample journal entry based on the Civil War.

This is an A+ example. Please notice that there are several paragraphs, it is written in the first person, and that there are many adjectives within the account.

August 23, Journal Entry on Changed Lifestyle after Civil War. In Washington, Georgia, year-old Eliza Frances Andrews recorded in her journal the changed lifestyle of her family following the Civil War: “Up very early, sweeping and cleaning the house.

Journal entry for civil war
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