An assessment on the response capability

For example, moving down the rows for Field Testing, a team that has Presumptive Identification capabilities for only chemicals and radiological materials not biological at most would be classified as a Tier 2 team.

Improve rapid molecular diagnostics.

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However, there is a plethora of potential, credible bioterrorist agents. In order to be credible, these funds need to be reallocated in a manner that sends the message that yes, this is important.

The approach in this Guide is to assess capabilities against existing standards whenever possible. The three major components are vaccines and therapeutics; research needs; and response infrastructure.

Department of Energy Assessment of Electricity Disruption Incident Response Capabilities

Page 3 Share Cite Suggested Citation: Throughout the workshop, there were repeated calls for partnerships, including interagency and interdepartmental partnerships in government; and public-private partnerships that could harness the considerable power and knowledge of the academic community and industry at large.

To better assess the amount of funding that is required, it was suggested that a prioritized list be developed setting out actions that should commence now and others that can be developed over time.

Capabilities Assessment

With regard to the development of several potential new vaccines and therapeutics, efficacy is an important issue that often requires the use of monkey models that can only be studied in select laboratories. The biotechnology industry is another important resource for new technologies that could be applied in a wide variety of ways to the bioterrorism defense effort, from improved rapid diagnostics and vaccine and therapeutics development to faster information transfer.

It was noted that the 4 recent deaths from anthrax, but not the ongoing global AIDS crisis which causes thousands of deaths dailyhad the temporary effect of largely incapacitating the U.

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Currently, there are reasonably good assays available for only a limited range of specific agents. Basic research on the anthrax toxin system has led to some exciting prospects for antitoxin targeting.

One workshop participant noted that the Soviet Union is known to have weaponized some 30 different biological agents, including drug-and vaccine-resistant strains. Larger power outages, however, are infrequent occurrences, due in part to an array of organizations that work tirelessly to ensure the grid remains reliable, resilient, and secure.

Discussants noted that in order to accommodate the increased need for safely contained laboratory facilities, where some of this research must be conducted, laboratory capacity needs to be expanded.

Several participants called for broad changes in the communication and coordination both within and among these various other federal agencies.

No matter how the issue is cast, numerous workshop participants agreed that there are many gaps in the public health infrastructure and countermeasure capabilities that must be filled in order to assure a rapid and effective response to another bioterrorist attack. Appendix D contains more information on the development of the capability assessment process.A capabilities assessment will help you determine your organization’s state of readiness.

Every emergency, regardless of the type or scale of an incident, demands resources. Resources include personnel, supplies, and equipment. All of them are needed to effectively manage the emergency. Emergency Management Capabilities Assessment Checklist County_____ Reviewer _____ _____ This checklist is designed to provide a guide to the members of the Capability Assessment Team when conducting an assessment of a county=s ability to carry out critical functions during an emergency or disaster situation.

The Target Capabilities List is a reference document that describes the capabilities for achieving national preparedness. It also serves as a planning, assessment, and training tool. The Target Capabilities List is a reference document that describes the capabilities for achieving national preparedness.

It also serves as a planning, assessment, and training tool. Emergency Response Capability Assessment Project Description Zephyr’s hazardous materials response specialists developed site-specific release scenarios and facilitated tabletop drills involving anhydrous ammonia, aqueous ammonia, and sulfuric acid to assess emergency response.

National exercises focused on energy assurance and emergency response are important both for maintaining readiness and ensuring coordination among the diverse stakeholders and partners who manage the ecosystem of national preparedness and infrastructure risk management.

An assessment on the response capability
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