An analysis of the character of catherine ames in john steinbecks east of eden

John Steinbeck’s East of Eden: Summary & Analysis

Charles Trask often visits the prostitutes in Mr. He attends mostly out of curiosity. Rabbit Holman Holman is a carpenter and ex-prospector in Salinas. One day, however, Adam catches her smiling mysteriously to herself when she thinks no one is watching.

I have put all the things I have wanted to write all my life. Ames to make sure there were two bodies. That throws it right back on a man. He keeps her as his mistress, paying for her housing and living expenses. He leaves the ranch after getting a degree at Stanford to go into advertising on the east coast.

On the surface, Lee appears a stereotypical Chinese manservant, wearing a queue and speaking in pidgin Chinese. She screamed a long and shrill animal screech. While the introduction of the Ford is certainly described as a sort of life-altering second coming, however, Steinbeck is quick to mention that the power comes at a price.

Will develops an interest in business at an early age and has a knack for creating and investing in profitable ventures. Sometimes he feels a great desire to protect his more innocent brother. Cathy, who goes by the name Kate for part of the novel, is born to a set of parents that are described to be pretty much as normal and average as possible.

Cultural References John Steinbeck had been envisioning his plan for East of Eden well before he began work on it. Martin Hopps Hopps is a shy boy who lives around the corner from the Steinbeck family in Salinas.

More importantly than financial prosperity, however, Samuel Hamilton is respected and admired by nearly all those who know him. Her death crushes Samuel and ages him considerably. This choice, made possible and clear to them by the Hebrew word, timshel, creates a pivotal point in the novel, and is a recurring theme throughout the entire plotline.

A self-educated immigrant from Northern Ireland who considers books to be treasures, Samuel is associated with light and demonstrates the positive principle of life. In fact, Cyrus was wounded in the very first hour of his battlefield experience in the Civil War and lost his leg to amputation.

She accepts that she cannot live up to his expectations and that she is just as imperfect as Cal, who considers himself stained because of his family heritage. She knows she is powerful and indestructible.

Steinbeck in the Schools

As she does with Aron, Abra hides her true self from her mother and father. Later on, when Samuel comes back for what will be his final visit at the ranch, they speak of that day, and Lee brings forth some new information that he has gathered from studying Hebrew with four old Chinese men.

Edwards, arrives on their doorstep, Adam takes her in and cares for her. In revenge, Cal takes Aron to see Kate. She keeps the prostitutes in her employ cowed and hooked on drugs. Towards the end of the novel, when one of the twin sons she abandoned, Cal, confronts her, she is shaken and seems to display something other than the pure evil that had characterized her before.

Adam is not content to continue living on the farm and talks of moving to California which further irks Charles.

He has a knack for invention but not business and so loses many potentially great ideas to more savvy individuals. When Cal the corresponding Cain reveals to Aron that their mother, Cathy, is a prostitute, Aron is so devastated that he leaves Stanford and joins the army, and soon dies in World War I.Choice in East of Eden Perhaps the most obvious theme of all those that weave throughout the novel is that of choice.

Good and evil, mentioned above are accepted to exist in everyone in the story, though one side often dominated over the other, especially in the case of Cathy. In the novel, East of Eden by John Steinbeck, Catherine Ames is one of the main characters.

She is introduced to the reader as a monster and as time goes on. Feb 27,  · East of Eden (Centennial Edition). John Steinbeck.

East of Eden Critical Essays

New York: Penguin, pages. I’m not going to write a full review of East of fmgm2018.come to say that it’s an excellent novel and lives up, in my estimation anyhow, to the author’s legacy as a giant of American literature. (read full character analysis) Caleb “Cal” Trask Cal Trask is the most obvious figure for the Biblical Cain in the novel: his father Adam loves his twin brother Aron best.

Morse asserts, “East of Eden reveals much more clearly than any of the other novels which have preceded it that John Steinbeck is a moralist.

He is, in a sense, more moralist than novelist” (SM 18). I would say that it’s more likely she’s a Borderline. Borderline is the female cousin of Narcissistic personality disorder. It more commonly presents in females over the age of 24 while Narcissism is a trait more often seen in men.

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An analysis of the character of catherine ames in john steinbecks east of eden
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